About the Artist

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I have always loved glass because of the way the light goes through it and the way the colors are so bright and true.  Ever since I was young I have wanted to learn how to blow glass.  Liquid glass globs that transform into graceful forms are magical!  While at the University of Wisconsin I took a few art classes and even registered for the glass blowing class one summer.  Unfortunately, I decided graduating was more important (not my brightest move in hindsight) and I received my B.A in Italian Language and headed out west where I began school again to get certified to teach art.  

I have been teaching art to around 440 kids in Kindergarten through eighth grade in Madison for about 11 years.  Some of my free time outside of school, is spent in my home studio putting together my glass sandwiches and fusing them in the kiln I have in the garage.  Creating any kind of art is like playing to me and I am lucky to be able to play with broken glass in my house. 

Feel free to contact me about your favorite pieces, upcoming shows, and any questions you might have here:  kristin@kristinQglassart.com.  My Facebook page is another place to see my art, learn more about my creation process and contact me if you so choose. You can get there by clicking on this link:
 Kristin M. Quackenbush

(608) 692-5897 ยท Sun Prairie, WI

Solitary Spectral Tree 2014

Windy Point Tree 2016